"The production and sale of timber has been considered a reliable investment, and has even weathered inflation well, as the demand and price of this raw material tend to benefit as inflation increases." (Fortune.com - February 1, 2023)

Green Investment Program

Specially designed to find balance between a profitable financial investment and a meaningful contribution to the environment in the fight against climate change.

Financially it´s a low risk and long term investment, especially to diversify investment portfolios, retirement funds or to create a fund that serves as a legacy for our children.

It can also be used to access the benefits provided by the Panamanian government through the granting of visas or residences for investments in reforestation in Panamanian territory.


Ecologically, it is an investment that directly mitigates the deterioration that for years has been caused to the planet. Reforestation is the main practice against climate change, since by planting trees we are planting the main carbon sequestrators found in the atmosphere.

Our green investment program is also presented as an option for companies that during their production process release CO2 into the environment and want to reduce their carbon footprint or achieve the distinction of being a carbon neutral company.

Main Features:

  • High profitability at low risk and long term
  • Visas or residency granted by the Panamanian government.
  • Sale of carbon credits


Development of agricultural projects

In Green Pearl we have the expertise to develop projects in large areas of land, we have all the heavy machinery necessary and we have the staff to help our customers to develop any type of project, whether agricultural or forestry.

We offer our help to provide a "turnkey" service in which the customer tells us what project he wants to develop, the necessary specifications and we provide a solution based on their needs and with the best quality standards.

Main Features:

  • Agricultural expertise

  • Turnkey project

  • Short term return on investment

Tailor-Made Solutions

We are an independent family business, which gives us a great flexibility and easy adaptation to help our customers at any stage during the development of their project, therefore, we offer our expertise as a consultancy, our machinery as rental and our experienced manpower to help you in achieving a profitable and high quality project. We are here to accompany you.

Main Features:

  • Agroforestry consulting
  • Flexibility and adaptation
  • Heavy equipment rental