• "JPMorgan Chase's asset management division has had lumber in its portfolio for years, and now plans to double its investment." (Fortune.com – February 1, 2023)

  • "The Biden-Harris Administration, through the US Department of Agriculture, is facing a backlog in reforesting four million acres of national forests and will plant more than a billion trees over the next decade." (USDA – July 25, 2022)

  • “The UN points out that a product of forests, wood, is renewable, recyclable, respectful of the climate and is increasingly used to replace non-renewable materials. » (United Nations – October 8, 2022)

  • “Wood will increasingly be part of the renewable energy mix in the industrial world” (United Nations – October 8, 2022)

"Warren Buffett asserts that space will have to evolve to remain accessible and reduce or eliminate impact on the environment. Mr. Buffett is studying reforestation projects." (InstitutionalInvestor.com - September 24, 2021)

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