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We are a private family foundation involved in reforestation and the production of plants in general since 2013.

Up to date, the company has managed to plant over one and a half million native trees in Panamanian territory and has transformed the landscape of over 800 hectares that were previously used for grazing. These forestry plantations serve as a source of shelter and food for many different animals, promote conservation, encourage biodiversity in the area, and help preserve water sources for future generations.

Most of our seedlings used in our reforestation projects are produced and supplied by GreenLab Biotechnology, which is the first and largest plant biotechnology laboratory in Panama. This laboratory uses the most modern and cutting-edge methods for the micropropagation of high-quality seedlings, allowing us to have the best available seed on the market to ensure the quality and uniformity of our plants.

Additionally, GreenLab Biotechnology has its own research laboratory in France and devotes a significant portion of its annual budget to developing new scientific knowledge applied to the agricultural, forestry, and ornamental sectors. It also has a beneficial partnership with the plant biotechnology laboratory at Ghent University (Belgium), led by Prof. Stefaan Werbrouck, which allows it to access high-quality “know-how” and keep up with technological advances developed by one of the world's leaders in the field.

The fundamental principle of our business focuses on our commitment to our customers and the environment. That’s why we offer “turnkey” agricultural and forestry projects and advisory services to all those interested in green investments. In this way, the knowledge generated by GreenPearl and the new technological trends we use can be your best allies in helping the planet while generating interesting medium and long-term returns.

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Why our project?

90% of deforestation in Panama is caused by illegal logging. From 2012 to 2019, almost 8,500 hectares per year were deforested.

It is not too late !

Faced with this phenomenon, the government, together with civil society and the private sector, has launched the Alliance for the Million Reforested hectares. The goal is to recover and conserve one million hectares reforested by 2035. The initiative comes from ANARAP, the Association for Conservation of Nature (ANCON), the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA), the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama ( CCIAP) and the Ministry of the Environment (MIAMBIENTE).

They trust us